The Art of Peaceful Living

Mr. Fahad Haikal

A certified lecturer on happiness, a tolerance ambassador, a leading content creator and the author of the book “What My Life Has Taught Me”. Mr. Fahad holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations. He worked in several media agencies and conducted multiple lectures and workshops in the UAE and abroad. He is known for his contributions to enriching the meaningful content on social media platforms.

  1. Feb 13 2020
  2. 04:30 PM
  3. Um El Emarat Park - Abu Dhabi


The workshop discussed the essentials of a happy and successful marriage and the value of tolerance in the family. It explored the means of attaining happiness, the ultimate goal in life, which starts with enjoying a peaceful life. In addition, it shed light on the art of hope and creativity in overcoming life obstacles, particularly those faced by married couples.